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Soule Healthcare in Portland Provides Holistic Medicine for Health, Vitality and Healing

Soule Healthcare in Portland, Oregon provides holistic medicine that promotes vitality and healing on every level. You are a unity of body, mind, emotions and spirit. You have powerful, intelligent, self-healing abilities. The holistic physicians at Soule Healthcare aim to activate and enhance your self-healing capacity.

Duncan Soule, MD and Lori Horan Soule, N.D. L.Ac, utilize osteopathy, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and homeopathy to activate the health within you rather than just fight disease and illness. They also provide guidance about nutrition, exercise, sleep and a balanced lifestyle.

When you are truly healthy, you are free to express your highest potential. When you are free of pain and physical limitations, you can function fully in work and in your home life. To be truly healthy means you have plenty of energy, can think clearly and can discover passion for life and selfless creative potential. You achieve optimal health through your own self-healing and self-correcting abilities. The therapeutic treatments at Soule Healthcare stimulate your mind and body to energize your innate healing abilities.

Eliminate your pain and increase your vitality. For an appointment, call 503.224.9010.